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Saturday, May 19th 2012

6:03 PM

14yo hot model


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Steve TateI am a 20 year old virgin. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I
am about 6'0 and 190 pounds. I consider myself bisexual with a
stronger attraction toward men. In all my 20 years, I was getting tired
of only masturbation. I needed a man and I needed one bad!
I placed an ad on the internet and waited to see if I would get some
bites. Weeks went by without much success. I had about 10 responses
in this time, and Aaron caught my attention. We talked for about a
month. Finally we were able to work out a schedule to meet. I couldn't
believe it, all my life I wanted a man so bad and now I was going to get
a complete stranger! Talk about a major turn-on! Finally the night we were to meet arrived. He lived about 40 miles
from me. What a man, willing to drive 40 miles to meet a complete
stranger! I arrived at our meeting place with some major nervousness.
The mixture of fear and anticipation were upon me. The moment arrived.
I was finally gonna get some dick! Aaron was pretty
good looking. I am not attracted to the drag queen types at all. If
I wanted someone feminine, then I wanted a woman. Aaron fit the
masculine bill pretty damn well! bondage models texas We talked for a bit, and I realized
he was just as nervous as me. We talked some more, trying to get
more comfortable with each other. Finally I got in his car and we
headed for the hills. There was a huge thunderstorm that night and
the thunder and lightning was really turning me on! We found a spot
to pull over. He turned off the ignition and shut off the headlights.
It was completely dark inside his car. The only time we saw each
other was when a bolt of lightning would flash. His car seemed to be
made for our intentions as the seats moved all 14yo hot model the way back. We both
moved the seats to the maximum back position. Aaron was a bit
more bold than I was. He made the first move. He unbuttoned my
jeans and I heard that familiar zip of my pants going down. He put his
hand on my stiffening cock through my underwear. My pants were
about to my knees and Aaron placed my underwear in the same position.
My love rod was in full view now, that is, when there was a bolt of
lightning, and he lost no sexy models child time in engulfing my 7 inch rod! My hands ran
through his brown hair as I moaned with pleasure. The sensations he was
giving me were so foreign and exciting! My dick
never felt these strange sensations and it seemed to scream in pleasure.
Aaron sure knew how to suck cock! He licked and sucked like there was
no tomorrow! He jerked me off with one hand moving in rhythm to his
hungry mouth and started playing with my balls with his free hand! Oh
boy! This was feeling so good! It was way better than any of my
fantasies could ever have created! I was in ecstasy! After several
minutes of this wonderful pleasure, he took my cock out of his mouth and
started to jerk me off while his tongue worked its way to my chest. As
his head got close enough to my mouth, I began licking and sucking his
ear lobe and around his temple. His
mouth worked its way to my my neck and my chin. I so wanted his mouth
to enter mine and engage into a tongue war, but he deliberately avoided
my mouth. Oh man! He sure knew how to torture me! This thought
brought me to my climax. I could feel my hips moving up and down
and then my cock spasmed. My load shot all over my stomach and I
think some of it found the car seat too. It felt so good!
I then realized something. I didn't have anything to clean up the cum.
"Oh shit, I should have thought about that!" It wasn't a problem as
Aaron gave me a towel from the back seat. He
grinned and said "My turn." It certainly was! I was excited to
have a cock in my mouth for the first time. Aaron was already hard
from blowing me, so I didn't have to do much work to get him started!
My face worked down between his legs and I licked the head and shaft of
his hard manhood. Liking what I sampled, I engulfed his entire cock and
he began face-fucking me. This was a totally awesome experience, but
being unexperienced, I had to stop for air about every
10 seconds. Trying to give him the teen model paint
same pleasure he gave me, I bluefantasies model ann took
my hand and jerk-offed the lower part of his penis in sync with my
mouth. He placed his hand on my petit models nudes head and started pushing my head
and mouth farther down undergear nude model his pole. It excited me to think that it was
almost forceful! The whole time I was blowing him, his hands were
caressing my chest and my stomach. His hands glided down my back
and he grabbed my ass cheeks. This man sure knew how to enjoy
himself. He really got into sucking and being sucked. When he had
blown me, I was somewhat tense and stiff and didn't really get into
touching him. Now that I was blowing him, his hands were all over me!
Suddenly, with a force, he jerked me up and brought his face to mine.
We tongue-locked for a good while as I jerked him off. child model jesse I loved the
tongue war we were engaged in. I felt I could go on like that sex tiny models nn models art
When our lips finally parted, I knew he was going to blow his load soon.
I started jerking him off really fast now. I know alot about
jerking off as I have done it to myself all my life. It was different
doing it to someone else, but I lingerie live model
knew I was giving him pleasure as I
gradually sped up the tempo until he couldn't handle it anymore. He
shot a huge load. His cum shot all the way up to his chin! Wow! That
impressed me because in all my life I never shot that far! There
was still cum on his dick and I rubbed that sticky white stuff all over
the head of his cock as I gradually slowed down the tempo. The head of
his penis was much smoother with is cum treatment! flat chested models
He took the same
towel I used to clean myself off and cleaned himself off.
It was kind of a neat thought to think about our cum mixed together
in his towel. We talked for a while as he drove me home. I told obese nude models him
that the next time we meet, he is going to shoot his load before me and
I'll lick every drop of his sweet cream. He had no objection to
that. We plan to meet again and we want to try new things each time.
I look forward to some really great sexual experiences in the future.
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Friday, May 18th 2012

12:00 AM

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